Ayurvedic Astrology Report (35+ pages!)
In this 35+ pages PDF report, I distilled the key informations that I gathered from many resources of Ayurvedic Astrology in regards to your birth chart.

Here you'll learn:
- Karma/lesson that you need to process in this life;
- The ideal relationship for you, as well as career that suited with your skills and gift; and most importantly
- A better understanding of yourself, why are you here to do, and what's your purpose in life.

ONLY purchase if you know your EXACT birth time to the MINUTE. You can find it on your birth certificate/letter from the hospital.
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Coming soon
More Details
More details on what you'll get in this report:
1) Interpretation on your rising sign, moon sign, and the position of the planets in your birth chart, and the lessons that it offers to you;
2) The dominant Ayurvedic Dosha (type: Vata/Pitta/Kapha)) and Guna (energy: Sattva/Rajas/Tamas) based on your planetary position;
3) Interpretation on the position of Rahu (north node of the moon) & Ketu (south node of the moon) in your birth chart, and the lessons that it offers to you;
4) The dominant areas of your life based on "Purushartha", the 4 paths to growth and evolution (the Ayurvedic version of Japanese "Ikigai");
5) Planetary period, understanding which planet that play the most dominant role/karma in your life span; and
6) In which chakras does your karma gets stored.
Once you make the payment, please send these details to our email: info@ziakusumawardini.com
Full Name
Birth Date
Birth Place (City, Country)
Birth Time (HH:MM)
We'll then send your PDF report between 3 -7 days after your date of purchase to your email.
PS: We'll provide a report based on the birth time that you give to us. Please be aware that in some cases, one minute difference can give a very different result to someone's chart and life. Which is why make sure that you have the right birth time before you make a purchase, as we're unable to give a refund once we receive the payment.