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  • Learning Ayurveda and other alternative holistic healing modalities have helped Zia to overcome her health challenges. From allergies and scoliosis to weight problem and emotional trauma, Zia has faced all sorts of personal crises.


    She has come to realise all of these challenges were signs of understanding more about herself and the total environment that affects her. Her journey also taught her that every human is born unique and gifted in their way. And that with the different body constitution that each of us has, we're meant to fulfil a role and purpose that only we could do.


    Besides practising Ayurveda, Zia is also a Vedic astrologer, a yoga therapist, and trained in Qi Gong, dance therapy, and other different forms of bodywork.

    To share her knowledge and experiences, she created several platforms to empower others to take control of their wellbeing and create a life they love.


    She co-founded Holistic Nomads, where she and other health experts share free weekly online classes (in English). She's also the co-founder of Jeda Wellnest, Jakarta's Holistic Wellbeing Center.


    She also regularly shares educational content online on Love Health Wealth podcast (in Indonesian) the holistic source to help women create a life bursting with love, health & wealth!


    The recent project that she founded is Ayuritual. Holistic programs & products that blend ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and modern science.


    For more story and inspo, you can follow her story on Instagram @ziakusumawardini.

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    Halo Ibu

    ​[INDONESIAN] In this article, Zia shares a simple face mask & scrub, that is made from ingredients available in your kitchen.

    The Change School

    [ENGLISH] An eleven minutes lecture from Zia and Kimmana in the topic of Behavioural Change. How to change a habit sustainably using Ayurvedic wisdom.

    Body of Soul Podcast

    [ENGLISH] In this episode, I chat with Chelsea from Body of Soul Podcast, to discuss ALL things Ayurveda! We chat about…

    • What is Ayurveda
    • The 5 elements and the 3 doshas (mind-body types)
    • Signs of dosha imbalances (and how to fix them)
    • Ayurvedic diet
    • How to distinguish food cravings from what your mind/body needs
    • Dosha constitutions and work life
    • How Ayurveda relates to inner and external beauty
    • Cultivating self-love with Ayurveda
    • What living an Ayurvedic lifestyle actually looks like
    • Self-care practices

    The Thriving Club

    [INDONESIAN] LocaLove: a conversation with the local in every place we travel to. Through our conversation with the locals, we learn how their environment nurtures them and also other valuable things that they've learnt in life.


    In this first episode, we came to Ubud and had a conversation with Zia Kusumawardini. She's a wellness expert, co-founder of Holistic Nomads, and also an Ayurveda practitioner. In this episode, Zia shares about her life in Bali, Ayurveda, and how can we all apply Ayurvedic wisdom in our life and receive benefits from it no matter where we live in the world.

    Jawa Pos TV

    [INDONESIAN] A six minutes summary on what's Ayurveda, its purpose, and how it can benefit your life. Video taken during my Ayurveda for Women workshop in Jakarta, and also featured my private sessions on Ayurvedic consultation and facial.

    Indonesia Tatler

    [ENGLISH] A featurement on the opening of WH 47, the building where Jeda Wellnest located. In the morning session, I shared a mini class about Ayurveda and dosha (the Ayurvedic Types).

    Eling Podcast

    [INDONESIAN] In this podcast, I shared my experience going through my marriage separation, the treatments and healing modalities that has helped me to process and transform the challenging experience, why I think the separation is one the best things that ever happened in my life, and how I came into acceptance and peace with the whole circumstances.

    Berita Baik

    [INDONESIAN] Berita Baik featured me as their "Inspirative Profile" of the week. Here I shared my story on finding the courage and confidence within, and how to transform life challenge into growth and opportunity to evolve!

    Berita Baik

    [INDONESIAN] If you're curious about Ayurveda and how it can help you to become your healthiest and achieve your life dreams, then this article can shed some light on that! And since this article is written during the COVID-19, I also share some Ayurvedic tips to help navigate through the pandemic.

    Ask X & Y

    [INDONESIAN] I shared brief information about Vedic astrology (Jyotish), and what makes it different from western astrology that we often see in media.

    Harper's Bazaar

    [INDONESIAN] A short (but concise) article on Ayurvedic secret to health and happiness. Find out how Ayurveda infused gold on some of its herbal elixir on this article!

    Great Mind

    [INDONESIAN] An article about Soul Dance. What is it, and why I created this form of dynamic meditation as a form of emotional release.

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