• Hi, my name is Zia.

    I didn't' grow up with the perfect health nor confidence in my own body. Since I was a child, I often plagued with diseases. From chronic bronchitis, weight problems, digestive issue, food intolerance, allergy, adult acne, and even scoliosis. I also used to wish that I could have a different skin colour, height, and even facial features.


    But that changed after I learnt Ayurveda. A timeless healing system that taught me how everyone is amazingly unique and beautiful in their own way.


    From that point on, seeing how much it has changed my life to the better, I knew that sharing this wisdom to more lives is my purpose.

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    here's how I can help

    With experience in a board range of modalities & training, here's how I can support your growth journey:

    Holistic Nomads

    For those who'd like to learn health & healing.

    I co-created this platform to share the wisdom of Ayurveda and holistic healing. With other health & wellness experts from around the world, we share free weekly online classes and tons of downloadable resources. (In English)

    Love Health Wealth

    For women looking to create & manifest the life of their dreams.

    A podcast where I share valuable information and inspiring interview, offering a more holistic approach to love, health and wealth. So that women can have the body and life they love, and love the body and life they have. (In Indonesian)


    Holistic products & programs to help bring out women's innate beauty.

    In collaboration with other experts in health & beauty, I blend in ancient wisdom and modern science to create holistic products and programs, that can help brings out women's innate beauty.


    what they say about me

  • "Zia is fun & knowledgeable in her way. The wisdom that she shares is perfect & applicable to my needs and happiness. She really inspires me."

    ~ Sherly Stephanie, Owner of Svasti Essential Oils, Indonesia

    "Zia has this ability to channel the right wisdom for each person she met. I now understand that my health took a big part in steering my happiness, and vice versa. All thanks to Zia."

    ~ Gadis Azahra, Award Winning Changemaker, Indonesia

    "My session With Zia was amazing. Her touch is firm and precise with a spiritual tingle! I felt very safe and nurtured. Zia has angelic presence that is very healing. I recommend having a session with her highly-it has certainly helped me in relaxing and releasing more effectively."

    ~ Amanda Hogg, Singer, Australia

    "Zia has helped me to get closer to know how to enjoy my life, embracing the life that I have, how listen my heart more, and to find purpose of my soul."

    ~ Zarah Fazri Khotimah, Indonesia

    "I found Zia very inspiring. She has a positive vibe that makes me feel comfortable to be around her. I can't wait to join her class again!"

    ~ Nindya Laksita Larasati, Indonesia

    "Through Zia's workshop, I'm motivated to live a healthier and happier life, and more aware with my true self."

    ~ Dhian Ivanna, Indonesia

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    An online home detox program to help bring your beauty inside out!

  • Ayurvedic Mind/Body Type Quiz

    Download the free quiz to determine your unique body type, and understand more about:

    • The meaning and purpose of your unique body type

    • Your best diet and exercise types

    • Lifestyle to get the body you love

    • Your disease & imbalance tendency

    • Healing treatments that truly address your needs

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