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Growth Mindset: How to Let Go of Old Wounds & Baggage

This is the SECOND LAST episode for our first season! And that's why in this episode, I'd like to close it by sharing with you additional healing modalities that I feel can be helpful to propel your growth.⁣

There's a difference between knowing and doing. And oftentimes, it's our limiting beliefs that prevent us from becoming the best version of ourselves.⁣

For instance, you've learnt so much information from the previous 20 something episodes, but why is it so hard to make the change in your life and implement the information? My guess is that there might be a pattern/conditioning/limiting beliefs that prevent you from making the change.⁣

In this episode, you'll learn:

👉 (00:49) How to apply the knowledge that you've been learning into your daily life. ⁣
👉(01:32) The necessary mindset shift to face any challenging situation⁣
👉(07:12) Therapies and healing modalities that can help you to let go of old wounds/baggage that prevents your growth and success⁣



After you got a chance to listen to this episode, here's a question for you: what's the one thing that you learnt from this class?

Share your learning point(s) on the comment below (with as many details as you can!), so that others can also learn from you.

With so much love,

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