• Therapeutic Facial

    Unlocking the beauty potential within using holistic healing modalities

  • I wished there's someone that can give me facial the way I do it.

    I don't mean to brag, but after years of learning the many different healing modalities and trying salon and spa around the world (specifically for facial), I created a facial sequence like no other.


    But my love for facial isn't complete without sharing with your the story of my Mum. The ultimate reason why I LOVE facial SO MUCH.


    Why I'm Obsessed with Facial

    Growing up with a mother who is a beautician and make-up artist for the bride-to-be (my Mum also used to have a beauty salon attached to our house), I became adjusted to all the beauty procedure that she gave to her clients.


    From the many different services that she offered, my favourite is facial. No. Doubt.


    Every few weeks, she'd lined us up (my dad, my brother, and me), to receive a facial from her. Usually, it'd be a Sunday morning where we were all laying down on a rug in our living room, watching movies, while waiting for the mask to dry up.

  • My Mum: my first teacher on many things, including facial!

  • My Continuous Learning Process, in Indonesia and Beyond

    As I grew older, my Mum taught me how to do facial the way she does it. The massage sequence, the specific prayers to chant before the treatment starts (she knew the power of intention, yes!), and the special herb-y products specially made for the bride-to-be (part of our Sundanese culture).


    One day, when she felt I was good enough on giving facial, she'd then referred her bride clients to me for facial treatment (I was just in high school at that time, and I already made money from my facial clients!).


    After my Mum passed away in 2008, facial is a treatment that I'd seek when I need comfort. It reminded me of that Sunday memories with my family, all getting pretty and rejuvenated from my Mum's magic touch.


    Which is why everywhere I go in the world, I'd book a facial. I do this not only to feel rejuvenated and beautiful about myself but also to learn and get inspired on how others do their facial. And if I found something interestingly new and good, I'd then incorporate it to my facial treatment.

  • Facial and head massage is my absolute favourite form of massage!

  • Not Just Your Typical Facial

    I also integrate the various healing modalities that I've been learning since 2013 to my facial treatment. From Reiki and Body Harmony, to focusing on your facial acupressure and marma points. Not only your skin will be soothed and rejuvenated with the natural products that I use, but it'd also make it a healing beauty session (have you tried facial with a jade roller & scrapper, as well as micro-derma roller?).


    What Will You Get out from My Therapeutic Facial?

    Below are several benefits that you'll get from a therapeutic facial with me:

    • Improve the circulation, creating a more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients. This results in a greater state of health and vitality;
    • Stimulates greater blood flow to the face, improving the delivery of oxygen, fluid and nutrients to the area. The improved nourishment and hydration often produce a “dewy” appearance and helps correct colour and texture imbalances to improve complexion;
    • Help relax tight muscles and strengthen elongated muscles. This restores the natural function of the muscles and results in a more lifted and toned appearance;
    • Improve the production of collagen and elastin, which help in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and scars;
    • Improve the tightness and thickness of the skin, which help to reduce skin thinning that commonly are associated with ageing; and
    • Can help to reduce the appearance of large pores by producing more collagen and tightening the epidermis.


    The best of it all, I'd only use natural, non-toxic products (I even made some of the products from scratch), to ensure that the products that I use wouldn't create side effects for your overall health.

  • Teaching about acupressure point around the face in one of my Ayurvedic Beauty Workshop.

  • Book a Session with Me

    If you're interested in having a therapeutic facial with me, please submit your email below, and you'll be listed on the waiting list. At this stage, I'm only offering it in Jakarta and Bali (both in Indonesia). When I'm in these two places and that there's availability in my schedule, you'll be notified through email to reserve your appointment with me.

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