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    What's your body type? What's the ideal diet and lifestyle for you?

  • If you think that it’s easy for me to be confident, courageous,

    and feel good about my body, the reality used to be a complete opposite.

    I constantly struggled with health imbalances since I was little. From bronchitis and food intolerance to weight problem and scoliosis, I've faced all sorts of personal health crises.


    I tried many healing modalities, but nothing really hit the core of the issue. Whether I need to rely on medication to treat it or, live with the pain and suffering as I became too lazy to only treating the symptoms that'd only resurface.

  • X-ray result of my spine in 2009. It was 35-degree lumbar curvature, and also rotated!

  • The Turning Point

    In 2012, I decided to take a break from law school and my "normal" life in Bandung, and instead move to Ubud - Bali, for a teaching job. But little did I know that this move is the beginning of something that'll change my life forever.


    Couple of weeks before my teaching job ended, I met my former husband, who is a naturopath, an Ayurveda & yoga therapist, an Ayurvedic astrologer, certified in more than 20 healing modalities, and has his own healing school called ThaiVedic. He is the first person that taught me the fascinating science of Ayurveda.


    Since 2013, I've been immersed in learning and teaching Ayurveda, in Indonesia and abroad. And when it comes to my healing, I now rarely feel the usual pain along my spine (and it looks incredibly straight!). My weight came back to the healthier side, and my skin cleared up.

  • my weight transformation

    my skin transformation

    my scoliosis transformation

  • Get an Ayurvedic Consultation with Me!

    Ayurveda is the core miracle that created the transformation in my life. This is because this system emphasises on finding the root cause of imbalance and creating a treatment plan that's tailored to my unique needs.


    I'm not the kind of person who'd vouch for something without having a positive direct experience with it.


    And after seeing the incredible transformation within myself, especially with the things that I thought wasn't possible like scoliosis, I'm confident that Ayurveda can help you too to find freedom and ease from your imbalance.



    What You'll Get From a Consultation with Me?

    • Understanding your Ayurvedic body constitution and dosha type (imbalance tendency);
    • A treatment plan that might include diet, lifestyle, and herbs that are tailored to your unique needs; and
    • Possibly referrals to other treatments that would be best for you.

  • (for Indonesian client ONLY)

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