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    Why are you here on earth? What's the meaning of your life?

  • "Why am I here on earth?"

    Since I was little, I always have that burning question in my mind because I don't think that I exist for no reason.


    For many years, I was chasing the life that others thought I should have as the key to my happiness. If other's seems happy about it, then I might as well pursue the same thing to get the same happy effect.


    But often times, the more I tried to achieve the dream life that others imposed to me, the more I felt void inside.


    Something is just still missing!


    But my emptiness changed after I knew about Ayurvedic astrology.

  • On my astrology chart, I learned that my karma to travel the world plays a big chapter in my life. Are curious what's your chart tells you about your travel? (Photo was taken in Spain)

  • My Scepticism with Astrology

    Trust me; I was as sceptical as hell about it. Growing up only knowing about magazine horoscope, I viewed astrology as BS (aka bullshit!) and no truth whatsoever behind it.


    In 2013, my former husband, who's an Ayurvedic Astrologer, introduced me to this fascinating science. After seeing my birth chart, he convinced me that I have a talent written in my chart to be an astrologer. Obviously, I didn't believe him, but he didn't give up.


    So every night, as our bedtime story, he'd read me Ayurvedic Astrology books (not your typical bedtime story, I know!). I remember how I begged him to stop reading about it, as I understand nothing and that I had no interest! But he persevered and kept reading anyway.

  • Imagine how easy life would be if you have a cheat sheet on the lesson that'll come in your life, and what's the best action to take. (Photo was taken in Turkey)

  • How Astrology Become My Passion

    After a few years of constantly hearing about it and became adjusted to the foreign terminology of Sanskrit, I then turned obsessed about it.

    • I'd pay attention to the planetary transition and how it affects my life;
    • When I was more convinced that the celestial objects have power upon us (if the moon affects the ocean, how it could not affect our body that's averagely 70% water?!), I'd plan important dates according to the sky;
    • I'd be curious to know people's astrology birth chart and figure out what makes them have the life that they have and with their characteristic;
    • When I was more convinced that I can know so much more about a person's life from their birth chart, I'd 'stalk' on people's chart before making a working agreement with them (I've only been collaborating with people who shared the same values, and knew when and what challenges that'd come); and most importantly...
    • It has helped me tremendously to know my life path. It's like a cheat sheet to know what's coming next, what's the lesson that I need to learn, and the best way to pass the lesson.


    Destiny vs Freewill?

    If life is like sailing in the ocean, there are two things that we need to pay attention to: a wave that we can't control, and a sail that we have full control of.


    The wave represents the rhythm and pattern of life that'll come to us, whether we like it or not.


    And the sail is our freedom of action to navigate best from the situation.


    Not only Ayurvedic Astrology can help to give you a hint on the wave that is and will be coming, but also giving you insight and what'd be the best action that you can do so that you can steer your life to the direction that'd give you the utmost happiness.

  • "The main issue that I was facing before having Ayurvedic astrology reading with Zia was about career. I felt miserable, useless, and afraid to make a move. I am afraid to stand out and being different from the crowd. But after the reading with Zia, I somehow found the courage to express myself. At first, I did not believe in Astrology. But, I can not ignore the fact how the reading with Zia made me feel so energised!"

    ~ Anonymous, Bandung - Indonesia

    "The Ayurvedic astrology reading that I had with Zia has helped me understand the thing that I need to learn in this life. Therefore, I can be more patient in facing the hardships and try to not react easily over things."

    ~ Lidwina Putri, Jakarta - Indonesia

    "I've been working on myself and sometimes I'd get lost, not realising that I demand myself a quick change and get 'enlightened' soon, which brings me into more confusion. After the reading, I now realised that it is very important to embrace life and the moment that I'm having. No rush, enjoy the process and trust that everything has its time. Thank you so much Zia for your help. Keep inspiring as you will help a lot of people out there! Much Love ❤"

    ~ Cintha Jocelyn, Jakarta - Indonesia

    "I often feel that I have no motivation and purpose in life. Getting Ayurvedic astrology reading with Zia gives me a deeper insight into my spiritual life."

    ~ Anonymous, Jakarta - Indonesia

    "Receiving Ayurvedic astrology reading from Zia gave me clarity about my life and the issue that I'm currently facing. I recommend everyone to do it, as it can help to know their own life journey."

    ~ Meenakshi, Jakarta - Indonesia

  • What You'll Get From an Astrology Reading with Me?

    • Understanding your gifts, goals, and your life's purpose;
    • Your current life events and lessons, and where to best put your energy and action;
    • Your karmic destiny, what you came here to learn, and what's needed to break through the barriers to find your own personal bliss;
    • 40+ pages Ayurvedic astrology report customised to your birth chart; and
    • Pre-recorded video of your astrology reading.

  • (only for Indonesian client)

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